For over 50 years, the Cyclo brand of professional- quality products has been used in automotive, heavy duty/fleet, industrial, agricultural and marine services. The brand started as a line of service chemicals which was largely sold through traditional warehouse distributors to jobbers and then to professional mechanics and serious do-ityourselfers.

The line is known for its professional quality formulas and superior packaging since the
first Cyclo product was introduced - Carb Clean® Fast Gum Cutter. The array of colors used in Cyclo packaging was originally introduced for the professional so he could quickly reach for a product without having to read the label. Cyclo products have always been formulated for professionals who use the products as tools to do their jobs quicker, easier and better. One comment heard over and over from mechanics trying products for the first time is that they are amazed at how much quality and effectiveness they can get out of one can.

In 2000, Cyclo acquired the Rally® and No 7® car care brands from the Clorox® Company. The acquisition of these two world-famous appear- ance brands broadened Cyclo’s offering and stature in the aftermarket. Both lines fit perfectly with Cyclo’s professional quality products in both performance and quality. In 2003, the additional acquisition of Tanner’s Preserve® Leather Care products from Clorox added another category to Cyclo. 

Cyclo developed an export business more than 25 years ago, and currently has distributor rela- tionships in over 80 countries around the world. In 2006, Cyclo was acquired by Pidilite USA Inc., a division of Pidilite Industries, Ltd. headquartered in Mumbai, India. Pidilite employs over 3,000 people in 14 countries with customers throughout the world. 

Cyclo is continually researching new formulas and products to bring to dedicated customers that have long depended on Cyclo for the latest developments in strong and effective formulas. Whether it is new VOC compliant formulas or new premium products offering the best and newest innovations, Cyclo is the company that has not only been working for the professional in the past, but will continue to do so for the future.

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