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A typical CONCORDE store has a Grid Layout containing gondolas of merchandise and ailes in a repetitive. One to Two Point-of-Sale areas are likewise present at the checkout areas depending on store area. Display windows are likewise present in front of the store.

Merchandise is displayed in gondolas and/or special racks depending on classification, viz:

There are designated areas for Car Care products like car shampoos, car wax, additives, car fresheners and the like;
Designated areas for novelty and/or practical gadgets/accessories like cell phone holders, mirrors, seat covers, pedal pads, sport steering wheels, and other car interior decors. Exterior decors include spoiers, roof racks, hub caps, antennas, door/bumper guards, etc.
Car electronic devices like alarms, stero systems, apmlifiers, speakers, auxiliary/driving/fog lights, and other high priced electronic items shall have a special glass encasement with countertap for testing and demonstration purposes.
Point-Of-Sales areas may have small items like key fobs, batteries, magazines, etc.

With the very high merchandise variety and assortments of CONCORDE CAR ACCESSORIES CENTER, the Store's target market include primiraly all motorists and prospective motorists correspondingly of both genders in the A, B, and Upper C income groups; of any occupation, religion, race, and social class.

Concorde has eighteen(18) branches to serve Car enthusiasts. These are: