Products And Services


Concorde has a wide-range of products which include the following:



Car Accessories - Theses are interior and exterior aesthetics improvements for cards. Examples are: cell phone holders, cup holders, mirrors, pedal pads, sport steering wheels, steering wheel locks, matting, seat covers, shift knobs, performance gauges, spoilers, interior light gadgets, decals / stickers, license plate covers / frames, key fobs, etc.

Car Care Products -  These are interior care (seats, roof liner, carpet), exterior care (paint, vinyl/rubber trim, wheels, tires) and engine care (engine parts, engine bay), undercarriage care (suspension, bushings, linkages) products. Examples are: Dashboard protectants, upholstery cleaners, leather conditioners and cleaners, air fresheners, car shampoo, car waxes, detailing formulae, touch-up paints, paint scratch removers, tar and bug removers, engine oil additives, racing oil additives, degreasers, liquid grease, tire cleaners, tire shine, brake dust remover, etc.

Complementary electronic devices and Parts - these are car electronic improvement devices. Examples are : car alamrs, audio and video systems, pwoer audio amplifiers, power capacitors, speakers, subwoofers, switches, driving lights, fog lights, High Intensity Discharge lights, RCA connectors, wiring kits, etc.

Motorcycle accessories - Helmets, pedal pads, bolt caps, auxiliary lights, leather gloves, license plate covers, motorcycle cleaners, riding gear, handle grips, racing gauges, air filters, etc.

Services - We provide free professional installation of bought accessores and consultations regarding car audio set-up, car exterior care, electrical and electronic components installations.